1. We believe that the most woman can give birth naturally and unmedicated. The most women are ascribe giving birth naturally without medicine and drug, women need not fear and feel not guilty for their babies after child birth.


2. Husband role is very important for his wife's child birth for hers relaxation and giving birth environment. He is the most right man for her and make her to feel the most comfortable with.


3. Natural Birth is a historied party and celebration of a family for thousands of years.


4. Korea prenatal culture and education has long history and we trust that conubial bliss is the best prenatal culture and education for a fetus.


5. After child birth, umbrical cord should be cut by the father and the baby should be on the mother breast and hear her mother's  heart beat. The father should let his baby hear his letter and voice.

The baby feels father and mother's voice , and comfortable with