Relationship of maternal and perinatal conditions to eventual adolescent suicide
Author(s): Salk L, Lipsitt L.P, et al.
Reference: Lancet 1985; (March 16): 624-627
Place of Study: Rhode Island, USA
Abstract: Data on 52 adolescent suicide victims who died before their 20th birthday and 104 controls. One of the main risk factors is resuscitation at birth and respiratory distress lasting more than 1 hour at birth.
Keyword(s): birth complications, neonatal resuscitation, respiratory distress at birth, suicide
Discussion: The authors had access to the hospital birth records and could collect data that are not available in birth certificates, such as respiratory distress lasting more than an hour (main difference with the study by Neugebauer R and Reuss M. Entry 338). All the subjects were born between 1957 and 1967, before the development of modern techniques of resuscitation.
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