Giving a birth would be how, what a mother should wait for this special time.Nobody interupt this wait of mother's labor and procedure. Since 25 years I have done it now that I will keep waiting for a child birth. Looking forward to meet, stand by, being eager, long for a sight of new life would  give deep  emotion, the pride of my participation to me and I am blessed  with  this kind of performance.The child would endure his hardship well,   He is better than his mother.  But he could not say his suffering and pain. Would the child, who has been born after a long time endure,  pain and suffering, get our  helping warm hand  and be taken care of ?  We have to greet him with smile, Quietly and tenderly.  Well, we have to wait and we should help the child to enter into his new world. I would like to emphasize for waiting, no medical action, be done natural labor and child  birth. Waiting , Waiting, Check mother's situation by himself and by midwife.  The supervisor and manager of  child birth should be a mother and a  child


The Childbirth has beed done since the humanbeing appeared, we will follow the natural way as possible as we can do without medical intervention. Our clinic follows natual way and you would enjoy your lablor and childbirth as you want.


  • Prenatal Care
  • Consult about your coming childbirth
  • Scheduling for the birth
  • Preparing for your childbirth
  • Home Visiting
  • Natural Child Birth  
  • Home Birth
  • Childbirth in my clinic
  • Breast Feeding Support
  • Postpartum Care (5 days after the birth)




Prenatal Care ? What will you do for your baby and what do you study for your childbirth?


If you have studied for your cildbirth and you have known well what you want. If not, we could give you all information for natural birth in Korea how you could do it. We have worked as midwifes for approximately 30 years and we have followed natural way since we  had opened our clinic. We have many Korean and foreign clinents who follow natural way and teach us what they know and want. The most of our clients have known "Natural Childbirth" very well and prepared this way by themselves.  Our staffs has prepared what we discuss, consult according to our experience and make a schedule what you want to do.



Homebirth ? We have done several clients to get homebirth and enjoy and staisfy their homebirth.


If you would not be prepared, we could give you what our client prepare and be considering what matters they do. If you prepare it then we could discuss more with you what you prepare and what you want.



Postpartum Care ?


After childbirth we will visit your home 5 days after your cildbirth if it is near our clinic. We could give you the support for your breast feeding and postpartum care