Dear Kelly


Thank you for your questionnaires.

According to my knowledge, there is no homebirth midwife clinic in Gwangju area.

If your insisit my help then I could help and come to your home for your natural home birth.

May be you husband coud see my web-site ( so that he could see when I will have Child Birth Education Program on March, which would not be fixed yet. On March I would see you and check your status, at that time I would see your blood test result and other necessary data from youyr hosiptal and your doctor.


Before March I would like to see you but it would be very difficult for you to come to my clinic, so far from your place.

I had visited Gwangju several time on account of had having my lcinet over there.(Korean Clients)


I hope seeing you sooner


Have a good day and divine blessing from God


Very truly yours



Cetified Nurse Midwife