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My name is Kelly and I amcameron  possibly looking for a midwife. I'm due in mid-May and I am really hoping for a natural birth without medication, IVs, etc. I want it to be as peaceful and natural as possible but I've heard that it's not always so easy to do that in hospitals. I'm interested in finding a midwife who can either guide me through a homebirth or at least assist me at a hospital and help me out with the doctors (i.e. don't allow them to push me into unecessary proceedures because I don't know any better, etc.)
Here's the problem: I live in Gwangju (Jeollanamdo). Lisa gave me your information and I was hoping you could help me somehow. Do you know any reliable midwives here in Gwangju? English is prefered but not necessary. My husband is Korean and I do speak/understand some Korean as well. My main goal is to avoid the stress of an overly-medical birth.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
Kelly Cameron






Dear Kelly


Thank you for your questionnaires.

According to my knowledge, there is no homebirth midwife clinic in Gwangju area.

If your insisit my help then I could help and come to your home for your natural home birth.

May be you husband coud see my web-site ( so that he could see when I will have Child Birth Education Program on March, which would not be fixed yet. On March I would see you and check your status, at that time I would see your blood test result and other necessary data from youyr hosiptal and your doctor.


Before March I would like to see you but it would be very difficult for you to come to my clinic, so far from your place.

I had visited Gwangju several time on account of had having my lcinet over there.(Korean Clients)


I hope seeing you sooner


Have a good day and divine blessing from God


Very truly yours



Cetified Nurse Midwife