I emailed you a few months ago about a midwife in Gwangju. My husband and I decided to go ahead with hospital birth because of the distance between Seoul and Gwangju.
Anyways, I have a different request at this time. I'm currently 37 weeks 4 days and the baby is breech. I've been trying some exercises and techniques I read about online (tilting, music, visualization, moxibustion) but nothing has worked so far. I was pointed in your direction by a few women who you have helped in the past. They mentioned that you did an ECV at Dr. Chung's clinic and it was successful (and not too painful!)
I was wondering if it would be possible for me to meet with you sometime and give it a try. I am willing to make the trip up to Seoul someday (obviously sooner rather than later). Please let me know if/when it is possible or if you have any other suggestions. I just hope it's not too late!
Thank you for your time.
Kelly Cameron